Health & Spirituality

Our Classes & Workshops are here for you to explore the cracks and crevices in your own mind and then to move through them to experience what is beyond.Learn ways to create new neural pathways that support connection, growth, and joy.


  • What habits with your diet are holding you back?

  • How are you managing your stress?

  • What lifestyle practices can support you?


"The Body heals with play

The Mind heals with laughter

& the Spirit heals with joy."


Classes & Workshops


Learn the science of the mind. Meditation is a powerful tool that aids us in bringing total awareness into being. Get guided into a powerful state of peace, relaxation, and joy. Come learn techniques to support you in reducing negativity, overwhelming thoughts, and self-doubt, while encouraging creativity, self confidence, efficiency in work, and an ease of being.

Intuitive Readings

Enjoy a divinely guided session. A tool for the individual to reawaken, remember and receive clarity from the issues at hand, such as health, relationships, business or community.  

Postural Analysis

A session where we take a look at the body's compensations and begin to work towards finding new natural alignment free of pain while gaining awareness and learning tools through multiple modalities offered at Moving Tao Center. 

Health and Lifestyle Coaching 

We offer support for you finding your balance with living your healthy lifestyle. Learn practical tools to feel your best by working one-on-one with a coach and/or in small groups. Feel empowered, renewed and supported in your journey of health, joy, positive thinking, and inspired living.