Nicole Anael Sawyer is an elemental intuitive empath, movement specialist, and spiritual life teacher, who’s movement career spans over 25 years. The Spiritual journey began at 5 years old with a near-death experience.  Confused, dismissed, abused, she sought out answers ever since to the information downloaded to her and her return back to this earth.  Her quest took her into the realm of the mystics from India to Europe to Native American healing. Deeply studying western esoteric arts, comparative religion, ancient religions and culture.  This quest was driven by curious, direct experiences, that where unexplained, dismissed or considered unusual. Various awakenings occur and continue that slowly like feeding a baby one small spoon full at a time, her life purpose became clearer, purified and challenged.

A commitment to ‘know thy self’  a dedication to her own inner understanding was the key for her to answer the calling to being able to help others find their way, she set sail at the age of 5.  This path was not easy.  Through awakenings, through tragedy, abuse, and physical crises each a lesson towards learning, awakening and taking responsibility for her gifts and her baggage.  Awakening to one own humanity, she found teachers, healers and educators whom she calls ‘life’s destiny mentors.’ Ever so brief or long they helped her journey towards deep inward awareness. Some of the time going kicking and screaming.  The surrender, the arrival become the retuning of the being back to being.  Coming home to ones self,  with total neutrality and loving kindness.  A witnessing state of peace behind the everyday world is present. The whisper of healing powers of nature and the power each one of us by divine right inhabit.

Everyone has their gifts. Anael's gift is a valor of spiritual knowing so strong, it is unmovable, yet flexible, present yet not present.  Through movement, through the body and nature we have an opportunity to understand our true nature. Through the body and movement we seed ourselves to reach deeper. Seek the feeling stillness that winter snow offers us.  The gentle deep blue of our Tahoe lake hold for us, to feel the aliveness of creation that is divine. To explore the depths of our feeling mind. To seek out tools and others that can help us on our journey. This is how the Moving TAO center was birthed, untold stories, re-patterning mind constructs, healing the body, mind and soul.  We may not have a BLUE PRINT, BUT WHT WE DO have access TO IS OUR INNER WISDOM , THE UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, glimmers and hints from ancient wise beings, we are starting to explore again, these tools are the gateway to our peace, awakened and fully alive presences of our divine nature.

The Moving TAO is a place to explore movement, to connect, to heal, to process. To be accountable for our own journey yet as the pilgrim, we all walk together.  It is the walk the journey that is the gift. Not the arrival.  For the arrival is nothing more then returning home to yourself. Complete awake, grounded and conscious. Here joy bubbles up, miracles are normal, synchronistic moments just happen, and nature glimmers waiting for our arrival. Our lessons come at us all, we learn from the Tao.  Flow like water.